“John Findon…..covered himself in glory; this is a truly heroic voice, capable of rising to the rafters yet finely cultivated in the softer passages, and he executed to perfection the concept of the Prince as every bit as much of a lost soul as Rusalka”


“John Findon’s ardent tenor blazing above the stave, unflinching in its demands, yet able to condense the sound to summon pleas for forgiveness which he does to touching effect.”

Wales Arts Review

“But it is John Findon as Januarie who ultimately makes this show, gamely offering himself up for mockery, and yet reminding us that if there’s anyone in this viper-pit of characters who deserves sympathy, it’s him.”

Financial Times

“John Findon as Vaudemont was, quite simply, outstanding. His ardent tenor was just the thing, rising thrillingly above the orchestra and yet capable of considerably subtlety.”